What you should know about – Shopping Cart Hero 3

Are you in search of an addicting new game to click your way to FAME? Or an old pro that’s just been waiting on the latest version? Doesn’t even matter folks! Shopping Cart Hero 3 just like Learn to Fly 2 games is here for YOU! Race your cart down the slippery slopes of 3 new stellar worlds and win battles against 6 new bosses to impress and entertain. Reach that ULTIMATE SCORE by flying, swimming, or just finding new epic jumping combo tricks to kill the competition. Nothing says you’re a BOSS like being the best!

Shopping Cart Hero 3

Basic controls:
Up Arrow = JUMP
Right arrow = RUN
Left & right = Cart navigation in air

Craving your name on the big screen? Think you are a gaming beast and deserve the attention of a MASTER? This latest version is chalk full of new combos and hidden tricks to help you climb the online leader boards. Play NOW and see if you have the skills to impress by finding the bonus upgrades! BRING YOUR BEST!