What I loved about Windows 2000 – World Of Solitaire – classic office games!

office solitaireToday is Monday (I just hate this day L) and I have decided to tell you about some interesting site, read below my article carefully, because it can make your working weekend much more enjoyable!

You know what I loved about Windows 2000 most of all? It was different games which was released with system, there was different classic card games with it as well as traditional mine game and many more, but most of all I enjoyed Solitaire. I was playing this card game on my computer while being at boring work, it was truly entertaining and stress releasing as well.

It is really sad to see Microsoft doesn’t do these kind of things any more, by default you won’t be able to see some office games with latest Windows OS releases.

Well what’s done is done, we have to look forward and move on, this is why I have decided to write this blog article, to let you know that from now on you can play your classic office card games online!

Yes, this is true, I received e-mail from my friend (he knew how much I loved classic card games) where he told me that there were some sites which had such games and it was free! Game was called – World Of Solitaire.

I believe it is Canadian site and it truly has working game on it. Now when I get bored at my office I visit this address and play this game all day long without rest.

What I loved about Windows 2000 – World Of Solitaire – classic office games!Game has pretty decent visual graphic and attractive sound which creates comfortable atmosphere for playing; you can relax and enjoy your favorite game.

Games like World Of Solitaire is pretty important for people like me, as you know office work can be very stressful and hard, you need some kind of entertainment in order to relax.

So now you know where to find your classic office games, play, work, relax and enjoy your day dear readers.