What you should know about – Shopping Cart Hero 3

Are you in search of an addicting new game to click your way to FAME? Or an old pro that’s just been waiting on the latest version? Doesn’t even matter folks! Shopping Cart Hero 3 just like Learn to Fly 2 games is here for YOU! Race your cart down the slippery slopes of 3 new stellar worlds and win battles against 6 new bosses to impress and entertain. Reach that ULTIMATE SCORE by flying, swimming, or just finding new epic jumping combo tricks to kill the competition. Nothing says you’re a BOSS like being the best!

Shopping Cart Hero 3

Basic controls:
Up Arrow = JUMP
Right arrow = RUN
Left & right = Cart navigation in air

Craving your name on the big screen? Think you are a gaming beast and deserve the attention of a MASTER? This latest version is chalk full of new combos and hidden tricks to help you climb the online leader boards. Play NOW and see if you have the skills to impress by finding the bonus upgrades! BRING YOUR BEST!


What makes the Return man 4 Linebacker

The Return Man Linebacker also dubbed The Return Man 4 is a thriller of sorts that captures the adventure of American Football. The game is the newest version of the Return Man flash games developed by ESPN. In the previous versions, your team always played on the offensive side but this version brings a new side to the game. Another awesome game which you will enjoy is Vex 2.

return man 4

Objective of the Game:

The new side is you also get to play the defense position. As such, your responsibility would also involve stopping your opponent from scoring. Just like what the defensive side would do in previous versions when they play as the defense team, your objective would be to catch the man and get hold of the ball. You will have to use your running skills and get the man before he gets to the finish line and touches it. Something that might slip your mind, though, once you are caught by the offensive team when you are playing defense, you have to fight through them to get to their return man. Well, this new phase also comes with more special moves that help you to run faster and safer as compared to your opposition. As always, you get to access more skills as you advance to higher stage levels. Some of the newly featured special moves include bull rushing, shucking, and swimming.



Just like in previous versions, you can control the direction of the return man using the keys I J, K, and L. You could alternatively use the arrow keys. The space bar not only functions as an alternative to the mouse but is also used for dive tackles. Letter “M” has been introduced in this version, and it’s used to mute the sound.

For the best gaming experience with this game, it is advisable that you focus on unlocking all special moves as they enhance your defense. It also features the most realistic and elegant interface in the series. Indeed, this is the ideal flash game for all American football fanatics.

Impossible Quiz 3 – Can you beat the impossible

If you want to play one of the most interesting and entertaining games out there today, look no further than Impossible Quiz 3, the most recent version of the Impossible Quiz games. What better way to spend some free time than to test yourself?

impossible quiz 3
What is this game about?
The Impossible Quiz 3 contains several levels of testing your smarts, quick wit and luck. Each player gets 3 lives to get through a variety of levels that are different in both, style and difficulty. Some levels depend on speed, some – on smarts. Sometimes the question will already be the answer, offering a challenge with each new one.
After a number of true answers, the player is guaranteed a “skip”. This means that you can skip a level which seems too hard. There are seven skips in total, but some questions are mandatory.
Another difficulty to the quiz are timed questions. They are marked by a bomb, which detonates in a time period from one to 10 seconds during which the question has to be answered.
The controls of the Impossible Quiz 3 are simple. The player has to use the mouse to click the answers, but some questions require thinking outside the box before an answer can be clicked, as not all the answers are hiding within the game window.

The game is entertaining for young and old alike, since it consists of amusing questions and even trick questions. When the game is over and you have to start again, you will go through the same questions in the same order, so if you are good at remembering the answers and seeing your mistakes, Impossible Quiz Unblocked 3 will not be a problem.
However, experience indicated, that sometimes the answer is hidden in a plain sight, and all players need to do, is read the question carefully and, perhaps, multiple times.