Return man games are the most popular flash computer games developed by the ESPN. Several Return man game versions have been developed and released, such as return man 2,3,4,5 and6 although, Return Man 1 still remains a favorite for both children and adults. The return man 1 game is also based on the American football as the latter versions and the football player, who is the return man, should catch the ball and run past defenders to the finish line. It’s actually enjoyable, entertaining and full of action.REASONS WHY RETURN MAN 1 GAME IS CONSIDERED TO BE LEGENDARY GAME

Features of Return Man 1 Game

Better graphics.

3 Return man  has excellent graphics that are nicely designed and make it look more real, just like the other versions of the return man games.. The players the game contents are very clear and as a player, you don’t have to strain in order to make your moves.

Stages and Levels

The levels and stages guide you as a player to achieve various goals within a given duration of time. The stages and levels make the Return Man 1 to be more entertaining and popular. You have to complete the lower levels in order to move to higher levels and stages.

Return Man 1 controls

I-Run forward

J-Run left

K-Run back

L-Run right 

You can also use the arrow keys to move forward, back, left or right

Space Key is used to catch passes.

As a player, you win the game if you have managed to get to the finish line with the ball.

A, S and D Keys are used to perform special moves. Special moves are performed or unlocked based on your score by hitting the A button.

The controls of the return man games are based on the keyboard of your computer and this makes the games to be simple and easy to play.

Tactics in Return man game

fieldgeenralreturnmanYou have to apply the following tactics in order to win Return man game.

  1. Use fewer moves in scoring high points in any game you are playing.
  2. Maintain a higher ball possession, the higher your possession, the higher the score
  3. Take the shortest time possible to score as the quicker you score, the more points you get

Return man games are truly the legendary games that every person should play and get to have that special feeling that demonstrates itself while you are playing. The feeling is simply great, long lasting and the game is addictive.