What you should know about – Shopping Cart Hero 3

Are you in search of an addicting new game to click your way to FAME? Or an old pro that’s just been waiting on the latest version? Doesn’t even matter folks! Shopping Cart Hero 3 just like Learn to Fly 2 games is here for YOU! Race your cart down the slippery slopes of 3 new stellar worlds and win battles against 6 new bosses to impress and entertain. Reach that ULTIMATE SCORE by flying, swimming, or just finding new epic jumping combo tricks to kill the competition. Nothing says you’re a BOSS like being the best!

Shopping Cart Hero 3

Basic controls:
Up Arrow = JUMP
Right arrow = RUN
Left & right = Cart navigation in air

Craving your name on the big screen? Think you are a gaming beast and deserve the attention of a MASTER? This latest version is chalk full of new combos and hidden tricks to help you climb the online leader boards. Play NOW and see if you have the skills to impress by finding the bonus upgrades! BRING YOUR BEST!


Discover the most incredible Tank Trouble Hacked games you should never miss

Discover the most incredible Tank Trouble Hacked games you should never missA Tank Trouble Hacked game is precisely an enjoyable and most exciting flash game which is in most cases played by three people concurrently. The uniqueness of this game is that it’s hard to tell what’s a head given that it is action –packed in nature. The game is all about putting your skills into play so as to win your opponent.Types of Tank Trouble Hacked games

Tank Trouble unblocked.
This is quiet a simple and quick online action packed game that you can play during a lunch break.This game can be played in three modes, in mode1-which is also called the single mode, you play against the computer. In modes 2 and three ,you’re two people playing using the different parts of the mouse and keyboard. One of the persons plays with a tiny tank which moves around shooting at the other players in a random manner. Each time you make a shot at your opponent first, you qualify for a point. It involves use of angles to make calculated shots.

tank-trouble-silhouetteControls- you will want to use the directional keys of your keyboard for motion and the M keys while shooting. Player mode2 allows you to use the ESDF keys to move plus the Q key when shooting.

• Tank Trouble2.
With this online tank game, three people are allowed to play at the same time. The main objective in tank trouble 2, is destroying the enemy using the available weapons. The version 2 of popular game is free, and you can always do the registration online. To play, you will need to move the arrows using your keyboard plus the mouse to hit the enemy tanks .you must lay strategies with a lot of coordination bearing in mind that the more hits you make, the closer to come to winning the game.

Controls –For tank trouble2 ,the controls are mainly mastering the arrow keys and” M” while starting the game.

• Tank Trouble 3.
This mode of game is more professional and extremely specialized arcade game played by kids teens and adults. It’s good for coffee breaks at the place of work with great multiplayer options. The only thing to worry about game is how best can you test your tank battling skills but not deadlines it’s full of fun and more relaxing.Controls for tank trouble 3 only requires you to time your shots extremely carefully if you are to defeat your enemy.Deciding which tank trouble hacked game to play all depends on you, but all I can say is that either of the modes and versions will give a unique and extraordinary experience

What makes the Return man 4 Linebacker

The Return Man Linebacker also dubbed The Return Man 4 is a thriller of sorts that captures the adventure of American Football. The game is the newest version of the Return Man flash games developed by ESPN. In the previous versions, your team always played on the offensive side but this version brings a new side to the game. Another awesome game which you will enjoy is Vex 2.

return man 4

Objective of the Game:

The new side is you also get to play the defense position. As such, your responsibility would also involve stopping your opponent from scoring. Just like what the defensive side would do in previous versions when they play as the defense team, your objective would be to catch the man and get hold of the ball. You will have to use your running skills and get the man before he gets to the finish line and touches it. Something that might slip your mind, though, once you are caught by the offensive team when you are playing defense, you have to fight through them to get to their return man. Well, this new phase also comes with more special moves that help you to run faster and safer as compared to your opposition. As always, you get to access more skills as you advance to higher stage levels. Some of the newly featured special moves include bull rushing, shucking, and swimming.



Just like in previous versions, you can control the direction of the return man using the keys I J, K, and L. You could alternatively use the arrow keys. The space bar not only functions as an alternative to the mouse but is also used for dive tackles. Letter “M” has been introduced in this version, and it’s used to mute the sound.

For the best gaming experience with this game, it is advisable that you focus on unlocking all special moves as they enhance your defense. It also features the most realistic and elegant interface in the series. Indeed, this is the ideal flash game for all American football fanatics.

Happy Wheels Hacked Flash Game with new options

Happy Wheels Hacked Flash Game with new optionsDo you have a passion for playing flash games that involve physics and lots of blood and gore? If so you are going to love Happy Wheels Hacked. The game is packed with action with the only rule being that you have to stay alive and make it out of the exit. Of course with the hacked version of the game it does make you invincible, which does help, but the game would not be the same without all the blood and gore so which you don’t actually die you can lose limbs. If you want you can find demo version of the game as well here.

gameartGame Instructions
Before beginning your quest to stay alive and get out of the exit you will need to choose the racer you want to go with. All of them are ill-prepared for the quest but with unlimited health luck could be on your side. Characters include a father and son who take a bike ride, an old man in a wheelchair or a man pushing a shopping cart. Play the game and take your character over arenas that are sure to challenge, ride up and down hills that are steep, go over bridges, try to avoid the many stones scattered in your path and avoid falling into the deep ravine. Take great care every step of the way or risk being hurt; mangled or even worse enduring a painful death in Happy Wheels hacked game.

Start out with the Obstacle Course, it’s the easiest, then move on to the Gut Bus Extreme and the BMA Park II if you dare take them on. Other courses include the Snowy Mountain Final, Dawn of the Dead, TrapTrac and Rope Swings, where you give up your vehicle and have to rely on your bare hands to swing your way through the level. All of these are just a few of the featured levels out of the many. Of course you can also check out level replays and relive all the blood and gore to your hearts content.

Game Controls
This is a game that is very easy to get into but not one that is so easy to stop playing. You will find yourself having just one more try if you fail. All you need to do is guide your character using the arrow keys on your keyboard, with other game controls being the Z key to eject, the SPACE bar is used as the primary action and the CTRL and Shift keys taking care of the secondary actions.



Return man games are the most popular flash computer games developed by the ESPN. Several Return man game versions have been developed and released, such as return man 2,3,4,5 and6 although, Return Man 1 still remains a favorite for both children and adults. The return man 1 game is also based on the American football as the latter versions and the football player, who is the return man, should catch the ball and run past defenders to the finish line. It’s actually enjoyable, entertaining and full of action.REASONS WHY RETURN MAN 1 GAME IS CONSIDERED TO BE LEGENDARY GAME

Features of Return Man 1 Game

Better graphics.

3 Return man  has excellent graphics that are nicely designed and make it look more real, just like the other versions of the return man games.. The players the game contents are very clear and as a player, you don’t have to strain in order to make your moves.

Stages and Levels

The levels and stages guide you as a player to achieve various goals within a given duration of time. The stages and levels make the Return Man 1 to be more entertaining and popular. You have to complete the lower levels in order to move to higher levels and stages.

Return Man 1 controls

I-Run forward

J-Run left

K-Run back

L-Run right 

You can also use the arrow keys to move forward, back, left or right

Space Key is used to catch passes.

As a player, you win the game if you have managed to get to the finish line with the ball.

A, S and D Keys are used to perform special moves. Special moves are performed or unlocked based on your score by hitting the A button.

The controls of the return man games are based on the keyboard of your computer and this makes the games to be simple and easy to play.

Tactics in Return man game

fieldgeenralreturnmanYou have to apply the following tactics in order to win Return man game.

  1. Use fewer moves in scoring high points in any game you are playing.
  2. Maintain a higher ball possession, the higher your possession, the higher the score
  3. Take the shortest time possible to score as the quicker you score, the more points you get

Return man games are truly the legendary games that every person should play and get to have that special feeling that demonstrates itself while you are playing. The feeling is simply great, long lasting and the game is addictive.


A Guide to Playing Stick RPG 2 Unblocked Online Video Game

a-guide-to-playing-stick-rpg-2-unblocked-online-video-gameStick RPG 2 Unblocked is the second version of the Stick RPG online game series. It is much better than the original one as it puts a player in an entire new world having many different jobs from which to choose. Stick RPG 2 Unblocked features three whole blocks as well as new events happening more often than in the original version. It is still as interesting, fun and addictive as always.

Game Description

The bizarre world that players find themselves in when playing Stick RPG 2 Unblocked is odd to say the least. A player is instantly pushed into survival mode with just a few dollars and full energy. He or she needs to find work, shelter, food, and drinks. Also, the player has to increase all of his or her klout scores by visiting the various shops and performing various activities. The scores are contained in the player’s ID card. He or she can gamble, collect artifacts and go on quests. The aim of the game is exploring Paper Thin City, a place full of online discoveries and options. A player can become rich by solving mysteries in order to build up his or her stats.


Three maps allow a player to a certain city. Blocks in the chosen city contain numerous features such as casinos, gyms, food jobs, stores, bars and many more. Each world has challenging and involving extra quests, something that makes Stick RPG 2 Unblocked more interesting than the initial version. There is dialogue that helps a player proceed through the quests. He or she can easily get stats updates with a click of a mouse.

It is easier than before to advance the story thanks to a new feature that allows a player to click on Easter eggs distributed throughout each world. Once someone clicks on the eggs, he or she can easily get hints or instructions on how to reach a certain level and then proceed to the next. Any money earned when playing is stored in the game’s banking system where it is compounded on a daily basis.


Arrow keys are used to move a character through city streets. A player can use a mouse to communicate with other characters and interact with objects. To run, a player can hold the ‘Shift’ button or use a keyboard if he or she has one, although it has to be earned. ‘I’ is used to open Inventory, ‘C’ to access Character Information Window, and ‘ESC’ to open the menu and open or close a panel.

What I loved about Windows 2000 – World Of Solitaire – classic office games!

office solitaireToday is Monday (I just hate this day L) and I have decided to tell you about some interesting site, read below my article carefully, because it can make your working weekend much more enjoyable!

You know what I loved about Windows 2000 most of all? It was different games which was released with system, there was different classic card games with it as well as traditional mine game and many more, but most of all I enjoyed Solitaire. I was playing this card game on my computer while being at boring work, it was truly entertaining and stress releasing as well.

It is really sad to see Microsoft doesn’t do these kind of things any more, by default you won’t be able to see some office games with latest Windows OS releases.

Well what’s done is done, we have to look forward and move on, this is why I have decided to write this blog article, to let you know that from now on you can play your classic office card games online!

Yes, this is true, I received e-mail from my friend (he knew how much I loved classic card games) where he told me that there were some sites which had such games and it was free! Game was called – World Of Solitaire.

I believe it is Canadian site and it truly has working game on it. Now when I get bored at my office I visit this address and play this game all day long without rest.

What I loved about Windows 2000 – World Of Solitaire – classic office games!Game has pretty decent visual graphic and attractive sound which creates comfortable atmosphere for playing; you can relax and enjoy your favorite game.

Games like World Of Solitaire is pretty important for people like me, as you know office work can be very stressful and hard, you need some kind of entertainment in order to relax.

So now you know where to find your classic office games, play, work, relax and enjoy your day dear readers.


A Beginner’s Guide on How to Play SSF2

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Play SSF2Super smash flash 2 is a popular flash game series created by Super Smash 2 Developer Group. Unfortunately, this game is still under development, but a demo version is available for play on the publisher’s website. The game will feature high quality graphics, enhanced sprites and better running speed, and will have more stages, as well as many characters. Meanwhile in case you are looking for finished flash games, you can play Unblocked Earn To Die 2. Pretty decent zombie game with cars, deserts and a lot of weapons.


SSF2 is a thriller game full of attacks and damages, so you have to use your gaming skills properly to remain on stage. Your health, measured using a percentage counter, is what determines how long you will be on stage. It is easy to get knocked off the stage if your health percentage is high.

The game features two modes: Time mode and Stock mode. You can Play SSF5 Online in Time mode, Stock mode or a combination of the two. In stock mode, a player has a given amount of lives, which they lose when knocked out. You are defeated when you lose all your lives, and the game ends when there is only one player left on stage. In Time mode, a player receives a point every time they knock out an opponent, and the player with the most points always win the game.

Unlike action games, brain games (for example quiz) have different audience, if you belong to this audience you should try unblocked impossible quiz.


1) The match must a time limit. The player with the most point wins once time runs out.

2) You must set an amount of lives for each player before the game starts. The last player standing obviously becomes the winner.

3) You must choose the ratio of damage that a player can inflict on their opponent.

4) Use the item frequency option to set how frequent items should appear on the stage.

5) Allow other players to configure and customize their controls before the game starts.

epic sceneGame Controls

Master your keys before you Play unblocked SSF2 Online. The W, A, S and D keys are for player number one, and the arrow keys belong to player number two. These keys are used to move the player around, make them jump and crouch. Player 1 uses keys O and P for special and standard attacks respectively while player 2 uses Numpad 1, 2, 3 and 4 for special attacks, standard attacks, shield and taunt respectively.