A Beginner’s Guide on How to Play SSF2

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Play SSF2Super smash flash 2 is a popular flash game series created by Super Smash 2 Developer Group. Unfortunately, this game is still under development, but a demo version is available for play on the publisher’s website. The game will feature high quality graphics, enhanced sprites and better running speed, and will have more stages, as well as many characters. Meanwhile in case you are looking for finished flash games, you can play Unblocked Earn To Die 2. Pretty decent zombie game with cars, deserts and a lot of weapons.


SSF2 is a thriller game full of attacks and damages, so you have to use your gaming skills properly to remain on stage. Your health, measured using a percentage counter, is what determines how long you will be on stage. It is easy to get knocked off the stage if your health percentage is high.

The game features two modes: Time mode and Stock mode. You can Play SSF5 Online in Time mode, Stock mode or a combination of the two. In stock mode, a player has a given amount of lives, which they lose when knocked out. You are defeated when you lose all your lives, and the game ends when there is only one player left on stage. In Time mode, a player receives a point every time they knock out an opponent, and the player with the most points always win the game.

Unlike action games, brain games (for example quiz) have different audience, if you belong to this audience you should try unblocked impossible quiz.


1) The match must a time limit. The player with the most point wins once time runs out.

2) You must set an amount of lives for each player before the game starts. The last player standing obviously becomes the winner.

3) You must choose the ratio of damage that a player can inflict on their opponent.

4) Use the item frequency option to set how frequent items should appear on the stage.

5) Allow other players to configure and customize their controls before the game starts.

epic sceneGame Controls

Master your keys before you Play unblocked SSF2 Online. The W, A, S and D keys are for player number one, and the arrow keys belong to player number two. These keys are used to move the player around, make them jump and crouch. Player 1 uses keys O and P for special and standard attacks respectively while player 2 uses Numpad 1, 2, 3 and 4 for special attacks, standard attacks, shield and taunt respectively.